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  • Flower Care Tips

    Here are some flower care tips to help your bouquet last longer : ) Give your fresh flowers room temperature water every other day Try to keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and cold draughts Trim your flowers every few days at a slant. This will help the stems absorb water more easily Prune extra leaves to prevent bacterial growth Keep your flowers away from fruit. As silly as that may sound , fruit gives off a ripening hormone that causes flowers to age at a faster rate. Bonus tip! Keep leaves out of the vase water as it causes bacteria to form Using these tips can help your flowers last 1 - 2 weeks Do you have any extra tips you’d like to add? Leave them below in the comment section.

  • Special Dates Calendar

    Listed below are some of the major 2021 Holidays to remember. For birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more Epiphany is here to help make enhance your special moments. Contact us today for more information ! : )

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  • Events | Epiphany Design Co

    Events Let Epiphany take your event to the next level . Professional, timely, and close attention to detail are just a few of the things that our company brings to the table. Take a look at our gallery below and then click the button to request a consultation ​ Request a consultation Gallery FAQ View

  • Florist | Epiphany Design Company | United States

    Transforming Creative Thoughts Into Divine Reality Epiphany Design Company Shop Floral ABOUT US Epiphany Design Company was officially established on January 6, 2017. Though I have been creative my whole life, I finally took the steps to build a business. As the owner, my desire is to create beautifully unique pieces. I make an extraordinary effort to listen to the customers’ requests, and go above and beyond for each individual. Please place your orders for custom floral arrangements, wreaths, signs, paddles, and so much more! ​ Thank you for your patronage. ​ Deidre S. Smith - Owner Wedding Arrangements,Decor, Jewelry, and more PROM CORSAGE CUSTOM WREATHS Weddings by Epiphany Intimate Celebrations by Epiphany Intimate Celebrations by Epiphany Christmas 365 Forever Bloom Forever Bloom Floral Arrangement Interior Decor Interior Decor Floral Arrangements by Epiphany Filter by Price $65.00 $105.00 Arrangement Size Dozen Grande Half Dozen Signature Single Flower Choice Carnations Mix Florist Choice Hydrangeas Mix Rose Mix Roses and Lillies Tropical Flowers Tulip Mix Sort by Choose your team theme Forever toThee by Epiphany Price From $75.00 Florist Choice by Epiphany Price From $75.00 Purple Paradise by Epiphany Price From $95.00 Classic combination w/ a twist Pure Romance by Epiphany Price From $105.00 Signature Blush by Epiphany Price From $65.00 Single, Half Dozen, Dozen Classic Rose Arrangement Price From $6.00 Not sure what special date is next? Check out our calendar View here FOR SPECIAL REQUESTS & ORDERS First Name Last Name Email Phone Message Send Thanks for submitting!

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